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Robert WoonacottWhen it comes to real people and honest people Robert Woonacott is one of the people whom you can always trust. Born in Grand Haven Michigan in 1984 Robert has been on a great journey throughout out his life time and has always been the type person who has always cared for people more then he would care for him self. Many people who meet Robert love talking with him and maybe a few get tired for reasons unknown Robert always makes it a point to keep his audience focused on what he is talking about, and pretty much doesn’t let the conversation change unless he decides it needs to change. If you have ever had a conversation with Robert there is one thing for sure, he controls the subject and he can bounce around to different subjects and always coming back to the last place where he has left off.

Robert is a professional in many different areas, and with his extensive background there is almost nothing Robert can figure out to do, or has done. His knowledge and background makes him a prefect person in any employment field, however his leadership background is his biggest strengths and the people who work for Robert are loyal and dedicated, and they trust him to make the right choice not matter what. Although Robert and be tough he earns the respect of his fellow workers and the people who have ever worked with him.

You have to respect them to earn the respect that they give to you,

When it comes to logic there isn’t a person alive that better describes this guy, he always looks at everything very logically and has the ability to think everything through very quickly with little or no effort. There are some people that might be annoyed by this treat in Robert, but it what makes him so great to work with or to work for. ”You have to look at the world logically, if you can’t then you will be fooled into believing everything” It isn’t really hard to see what he means by this.Robert is the loving father of two, Robert Alan Woonacott, and Elizabeth June Woonacott, both children are his pride and joy and you can see why. To say Robert as being a good father always comes short of that word in general. Robby his son is now 26 years old and lives in Newaygo Michigan, and Elizabeth about ready to turn 18 lives in Muskegon and in Grand Haven. Both of his children have grown up to be very well mannered and both taking on traits of their father.Robert lives in Grand Haven Michigan with his wife to be Jody West. They have 4 cats, Koko, Triggr, BoBo, and PJ. Robert is trying to make a future for his family and owns and operates two businesses. If you ever have the chance to meet Robert, and to become a friend of Robert is a life long friendship.