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Bio of Robert Woonacott

Born October 29th 1964 to Larry Woonacott and Shirley Haywood Robert came into the world just like every other child. Robbie was the third child of 4 and he was born in Grand Haven Michigan where today the family home is. Robert has two older sisters and one younger brother, Jan, Darci, & James. Robert’s parents divorced at an early age and was blessed with two great step parents, Frank Deater, and Janet Ryan.
Robert had a normal child hood but when the parents divorced Robert and his younger brother James and older sister Darci moved to Grant for the first year then soon would move to Fremont Michigan where Robert would complete his schooling and Graduate in 1984.
Soon after Graduating from school Robert married high school sweetheart Ana Lopez who was from Newaygo Michigan. You might find this hard to believe but Robert and Ana were together a long time even before they were married, Robert was 18 at the time and Ana was 16 when they were married in Fremont with friends and family. Tragedy would strike one year after their wedding when they lost their first daughter Meagan Delia Woonacott. It was a very hard time for this young couple and it wasn’t long after the loss when Robert and Ana were blessed with their son Robby Alan Woonacott.
It wasn’t long after Robby was born when Robert and Ana divorced and Robert’s life would take a dark turn into a life style that was dark and without direction. Robert was very hurt and took a lot of the anger out on his X-wife Ana. Over the years though Robert became less abusive and more understanding and it wasn’t until Robby was about 5 years old that his life would pretty much change forever. This was the time when Robert was introduced to God and from that day forward Robert would live his life according to what path laid in front of him.
Years would pass and as time do also and Robert found a new love in his life. At the time Robert was working for a foundry in Muskegon after his longtime dream of being a Production Engineer was cut short after his business was abolished. Robert met his new wife Karen Gee and it was not long at all when Robert found out that he was going to be a father of a baby girl. As Robert and Karen sat there before the birth they both came up with the name of their daughter at the same time. On April 25th 1995 Elizabeth June Woonacott was born and it seemed at that time Robert had found his true love, and although they both lived with Karen’s parents it wasn’t long before Karen wanted to improve her life, and have a career that she could be proud of. Karen Joined the United States Army however again things took a turn for the worse as Karen walked out on Robert and their daughter, and not long after that Robert and Karen would become divorced, however still remained friends.