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My Daughter Elizabeth

As a father I am challenged everyday with new things that I cannot fully understand. I love my baby girl and I can only hope and pray that she will make the right decisions. She will be 18 soon and at this moment in her mind she says that after she is 18 she is going to do whatever she wants, she can leave when she wants, stay out as late as she wants, and just do whatever. It is hard for me to just let go and turn the other way and let this happen.

My heart at this moment is broken and feels like the worst is yet to come.  I know that she is a good person, I know she has great morals, great upbringing so why do I feel so empty and feel that the world is falling down under my feet. Is it possible that maybe there is something that I have forgotten.

Her mother told me, “Rob we can only pray and hope that she will take our advice and our teachings and use them well” I myself feel that just maybe that can happen.