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Looking Into The Past

In my life I have always tried to make good with everyone that I come in contact with, and I am a person that never ever tries to do wrong in the eyes of others, however what I have learned that no matter what you do or how you do it you cannot gain every one’s trust mainly because they have their own mind and see things differently than I do.

People have asked me why I am the way I am, and I think it is mostly because I have such a passion for life and for life of other people and their feelings that it just may disrupt my focus on how to get to my place in the world, and the question what is my real place and when I get there will I be happy and commit my life to looking back to what I have done in my past.

My business means the world to me, and I am more out to help people then to make the money that it takes to be successful. I somehow always commit myself to others before I commit myself to who I really am, and that goes without saying. I have traveled and lived a great life and I have no regrets no fear and although I fear the future I am at peace with everything around me. I honor my friend and protect them as long as I can without looking back.