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Riding without Protection

bike-300x222As I am driving in my car and it seems no matter where I go there are changes on the roads, and I really do think that is has to be one of the most dangerous pictures I have ever seen in my life time, and that is now motorcycle riders in Michigan don’t have to wear helmets. (Huge Mistake).

I grew up riding dirt bikes and I would have never in a million years thought about getting on a motorcycle without a helmet and that was just the way I was raised. It is for safety and I cannot count how many times my head would have been bashed if it hadn’t been for a helmet. My concern is now that this law has been lifted more and more people are going to die because of this, and already just weeks into this new law I am seeing more and more motorcycle fatalities so this must mean something.

I asked a local motorcycle rider why he chooses to not wear protection, and what he told me was about the un-godliest stupidest answer I have ever heard, and followed by an even more ridiculous answer. “It’s the freedom man” and “Well everyone has to die sometime” WTF kind of answer is that? Are you seriously kidding me, or here is one that I think is even more stupid, “It’s my Choice” I mean this right there goes to show you why those people need helmets, seems to me that their brains are already been bashed enough.

Look I sort of get it, and I know when they feel so passionate about something like and they do what they want, but as I sit there and ride down the streets and every person I see without a helmet I say to myself, as hundreds of others must say, “There goes an organ donor” Or I say, “Another Dumbass” I don’t care what your views or opinions are, it is just that stupid to me! I don’t think they look cool, or it makes them look tough, if you ask me, I see them riding down the street looking like a bunch monkeys testing experimental motorcycles, and what is even worse is I laugh at them. It is just stupid unsafe not only for you but for the people you carry on the backend of the bike.

Last week in Grand Haven I saw one of those idiots with a young boy on the bike with him, and I thought that the young boy needed a helmet, well that is the way I understood the new law, but the father was clearly stupid, riding down the street with no helmet, trying to look the part of a motorcycle gang. You don’t look cool, you are not any tougher then you were with a helmet. I mean come on guys you need to protect yourself and others, why is it so important?

If anyone can give me one good reason, that doesn’t sound like it was created by some drunk, high, non-educated high school dropout who doesn’t have a brain in the world why it is so important to risk your life. I will shut up. But until then I will continue to wear a helmet.